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Reviews of the Anchor Yale Bible Commentary Series

bible commentary corinthiansOn the 2 Corinthians volume:

Expository Times: “A quite superb commentary . . . everything that a good commentary should be”

Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society: “Perhaps the definitive commentary on the letter in English”

Purpose of the Anchor Yale Bible Commentary Series

From the publisher: “The Anchor Yale Bible Series, previously the Anchor Bible Series, is a renowned publishing program that for more than 50 years has produced books devoted to the latest scholarship on the Bible and biblical topics. Yale University Press, having acquired this prestigious series in 2007, is now proud to offer all previously published Anchor Bible titles as well as new books—more than 115 titles in all. Many more volumes are in progress as the AYB Editorial Board, under the direction of General Editor John J. Collins, vigorously pursues the goal of bringing to a wide audience the most important new ideas, the latest research findings, and the clearest possible analysis of the Bible.”

Volumes in the Anchor Yale Bible Commentary Series

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Mark 1–8 – Joel Marcus

mark bible commentaryMark 8–16 – Joel Marcus

The Gospel according to Luke I–IX – Joseph A. Fitzmyer

The Gospel according to Luke X–XXIV – Joseph A. Fitzmyer

The Gospel according to John I–XII – Raymond E. Brown

The Gospel according to John, XIII–XXI – Raymond E. Brown

The Acts of the Apostles – Joseph A. Fitzmyer

Romans – Joseph A. Fitzmyer

First Corinthians – Joseph A. Fitzmyer

I Corinthians – William F. Orr and James Arthur Walther

II Corinthians – Victor Paul Furnish

Galatians – J. Louis Martyn

Ephesians 1–3 – Markus Barth

Ephesians 4–6 – Markus Barth

Philippians – John Reumann

Colossians – Markus Barth and Helmut Blanke

The Letters to the Thessalonians – Abraham J. Malherbe

The First and Second Letters to Timothy – Luke Timothy Johnson

Letter to Titus – Jerome D. Quinn

Letter to Philemon – Joseph A. Fitzmyer

Hebrews – Craig R. Koester

The Letter of James – Luke Timothy Johnson

1 Peter – John H. Elliott

2 Peter, Jude – Jerome H. Neyrey

Epistles of John – Raymond E. Brown

Revelation – J. Massyngberde Ford

Revelation – Craig R. Koester

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