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Reviews of the Bible Speaks Today Commentary Series

exodus bible commentaryPastor and author Tim Keller:

In a Twitter Question and Answer, former founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, Tim Keller, said the Bible Speaks Today was one of his favorite New Testament commentaries series. See the tweet here.

Pastor and author Max Lucado:

“This book from The Bible Speaks Today series brought me to a deeper understanding of grace. Stott’s verse-by-verse explanation modeled biblical teaching for me. He gave a clear dissection of Scripture. Personally, this book helped me trust the grace of God.”

Christina Baxter, honorary canon, Southwell Minster:

“The Bible Speaks Today is a fine resource that works at listening to the message in the original situation of the biblical books and hearing God’s Word for today through the Scriptures.”

Roger Forster, founder, Icthus Christian Fellowship:

“The Bible Speaks Today series is brilliant for tuning in to God’s voices.”

Terry Virgo, founder, Newfrontiers:

“Accessible, informative and uncomplicated, The Bible Speaks Today series offers genuine insights into the text, without becoming over-scholarly.”

Purpose of the Bible Speaks Today Commentary Series

joshua bible commentaryFrom the publisher: “The Bible Speaks Today series has been widely acclaimed for its combination of scholarship and application. Now these bestselling New Testament commentaries are made available in electronic form. All who preach and teach the Word of God, or who want to study it earnestly, will benefit from these superb studies and the technology that now supports them.”

The Bible Speaks Today series, according to John Stott, is characterized by the following threefold ideal:

  • Expound the Biblical Text with Accuracy
  • Relate it to Contemporary Life
  • Make it Readable

Volumes in the Bible Speaks Today Commentary Series

The Message of Genesis 1–11: David J. Atkinson

The Message of Genesis 12–50: Joyce G. Baldwin

The Message of Exodus: J.A. Motyer

Stone Campbell Journal:

“Motyer is largely successful in making the book of Exodus speak today. Motyer has clearly grappled with the Hebrew text in preparing his expositions, and thus his expositions are grounded on a scholarly analysis of the text.”

The Message of Leviticus: Derek Tidball

isaiah bible commentaryThe Message of Numbers: Raymond Brown

The Message of Deuteronomy: Raymond Brown

The Message of Joshua – David G. Firth

The Message of Judges: Grace Abounding – Michael Wilcock

The Message of Ruth: David J. Atkinson

The Message of Samuel: Personalities, Potential, Politics and Power – Mary J. Evans

The Message of Kings: God is Present – John W. Olley

The Message of Chronicles: Michael Wilcock

The Message of Ezra and Haggai: Building for God – Robert Fyall

The Message of Nehemiah: Raymond Brown

The Message of Esther: God Present but Unseen – David Firth

The Message of Job: David J. Atkinson

The Message of Psalms 1–72: Michael Wilcock

The Message of Psalms 73–150: Michael Wilcock

The Message of Proverbs: David J. Atkinson

The Message of Ecclesiastes: Derek Kidner

The Message of the Song of Songs: Tom Gledhill

The Message of Isaiah: Barry G. Webb

The Message of Jeremiah: Christopher J.H. Wright

Elliot Ritzema, Bible Study Magazine:

“This is a great pastoral commentary that shows how the difficult-to-understand book of Jeremiah applies today.”

The Message of Lamentations: Christopher J.H. Wright

The Message of Ezekiel: Christopher J.H. Wright

The Message of Daniel: Dale R. Davis

Bob Robinson, Latimer Fellowship:

“David, obviously a capable preacher, explains the background to Daniel, sifts through interpretive issues (some of them quite problematic) and then offers a faithful exposition of the book’s message. Recommended.”

Kent I. Compton, Haddington House Journal:

“This is a commentary that serves both the laity and preachers. Davis doesn’t load the text with too many technical points but allows for a good flow for reading. He retains the technical elements but keeps them in the footnotes. It definitely serves as a wonderful entry point into the book of Daniel.”

The Message of Hosea: Derek Kidner

The Message of Joel, Micah and Habakkuk: David Prior

The Message of Amos: J.A. Motyer

The Message of Obadiah, Nahum and Zephaniah: Gordon Bridger

The Message of Jonah: Rosemary Nixon

The Message of Zechariah: Barry G. Webb

The Message of Malachi: Peter Adam

Jason Brueckner, Bible Study Magazine:

“These ancient themes still challenge us today, and Adam continually points us toward the saving work of Christ while reminding us of them. The Message of Malachi will prove a valuable resource for those who desire to preach from Malachi or simply understand it better.”

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