C.K. Barrett – The Gospel According to St. John Commentary

John commentary by C.K. BarrettC.K. Barrett is the author of The Gospel According to John: An Introduction with Commentary and Notes on the Greek Text.

It is considered on of the best John commentaries available today.

Barrett published this commentary in 1978.

It is praised for its exegesis of the Greek text. Readers who do not know Greek will not be able to maximize Barrett’s insights.

Barrett takes a moderately critical approach to the Gospel; however, conservative reviews have praised his scholarship on the whole.

Pastors who know Greek would benefit from this commentary, though exposition and application insights would need to be found in another commentary.

This commentary has also been published with green and white cover designs, but it is the same content in each.

Volume Details

Paperback: 660 pages
Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press (1978)
ISBN-10: 0664221807
ISBN-13: 978-0664221805

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Commentary Overview

In this useful work, C.K. Barrett offers an insightful commentary on the book of John.

Barrett seeks to view John in light of a variety of contexts, including that in which it was written, and its implications for modern-day readers.

The book includes detailed notes and commentary on each chapter of John’s Gospel

C. Kingsley Barrett is Professor Emeritus of Divinity at the University of Durham in England.

He has established himself in the front rank of contemporary New Testament scholars by such works as The Holy Spirit in the Gospel Tradition, Commentary on St. John, and The New Testament Background.