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Reviews on the New International Commentary on the Old Testament

old international bible commentary on the new testamentOn the Genesis volume by Victor Hamilton:

“There are several fine Genesis commentaries; Hamilton’s receives the award for best-all-around. . . The New International Commentary on the Old Testament (NICOT) is the best all-around Old Testament commentary set for most pastors, students, and lay people who are serious about Bible Study.”

Southwestern Journal of Theology

On the Zechariah volume by Mark Boda:

“This fine exposition of Zechariah represents a most welcome addition to commentary on this book. Mark Boda has a great eye both for the detail of the text and for its intertextuality.”

~ Iain Provan

On the Isaiah volume by John Oswalt:

“The evangelical community should welcome the appearance of this fine commentary. . . A thoroughly evangelical work characterized by insightful exegetical and theological observations. It is clearly the best commentary available on Isaiah, one that should be in the library of every serious student of Isaiah’s prophecy.”

Bibliotheca Sacra

On the Proverbs volume by Bruce Waltke:

“Meticulous, insightful, illuminating, erudite, devotional, rich, thoughtful, and wise. All of these words describe this important commentary. . . Everyone who seriously studies Proverbs needs to read this work.”

Tremper Longman III

The Purpose of the New International Commentary on the Old Testament

From Eerdmans: Someone once said, “The past is another country — they do things differently there.” At times, indeed, the Old Testament resembles another very different country. Maneuvering through levitical laws, bloodshed in Joshua, or Daniel’s apocalyptic visions, sincere readers often wonder what the Old Testament means and how it can be the Word of God. For several decades The New International Commentary on the Old Testament has helped countless people traverse this difficult literary terrain.

This premier commentary series enjoys a worldwide readership of scholars, pastors, priests, rabbis, and serious Bible students. They eagerly consult its high-quality volumes to inform their preaching, teaching, and academic research, and they warmly welcome each newly published volume as they would an encounter with a stimulating new friend. Through the rigorous yet reverent study contained in these commentary volumes, readers hear afresh the voice of the living God speaking his powerful word.

All of the NICOT volumes combine superior scholarship, an evangelical view of Scripture as the Word of God, and concern for the life of faith today. Each volume features an extensive introduction treating the biblical book’s authorship, date, purpose, structure, and theology. The author’s own translation of the original Hebrew and verse-by-verse commentary follow. The commentary itself carefully balances coverage of technical matters with exposition of the biblical text’s theology and implications.

Readers who want to hear God’s voice anew through Scripture will find The New International Commentary on the Old Testament to be a faithful, trustworthy guide for helping them navigate the strange other country we call the Old Testament.

Author Interviews from this series on Best Bible Commentaries

Mark Boda – The Book of Zechariah

Preview: “Before Zechariah ever gets to repentance as change of behavior in Zech 1:4, he calls out to the people: “Return to me,” declaration of Yahweh of hosts, “that I may return to you.” While not ignoring the importance of changed behavior, Zechariah places the priority on relationship between God and people. This same message becomes so foundational for the Christian message, declared by John the Baptist, then Jesus, and finally the early church.”

Volumes in the NICOT Series – Original and Revised

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The Pentateuch

Hamilton, Victor P. (1990). The Book of Genesis: Chapters 1-17.

Hamilton, Victor P. (1995). The Book of Genesis: Chapters 18-50.

Wenham, Gordon J. (1979). The Book of Leviticus.

Ashley, Timothy R. (1993). The Book of Numbers.

Craigie, Peter C. (1976). The Book of Deuteronomy.

The History Books

Woudstra, Marten H. (1981). The Book of Joshua.

Webb, Barry G. (2012). The Book of Judges.

Hubbard, Robert L. (1988). The Book of Ruth.

Tsumura, David Toshio (2007). The First Book of Samuel.

Fensham, F. Charles (1982). The Books of Ezra and Nehemiah.

The Wisdom Literature

Hartley, John E. (1988). The Book of Job.

DeClaisse-Walford, Nancy L.; Jacobson, Rolf; Tanner, Beth (2014). The Book of Psalms.

Waltke, Bruce K. (2004). The Book of Proverbs: Chapters 1-15.

Waltke, Bruce K. (2005). The Book of Proverbs: Chapters 15-31.

Longman III, Tremper (1998). The Book of Ecclesiastes.

Longman III, Tremper (2001). Song of Songs.

The Prophets

Oswalt, John N. (1986). The Book of Isaiah, Chapters 1-39.

Oswalt, John N. (1998). The Book of Isaiah: Chapters 40-66.

Thompson, J. A. (1980). The Book of Jeremiah.

Block, Daniel I. (1997). The Book of Ezekiel: Chapters 1-24.

Block, Daniel I. (1998). The Book of Ezekiel: Chapters 25-48.

Dearman, John Andrew (2010). The Book of Hosea.

Allen, Leslie C. (1976). The Books of Joel, Obadiah, Jonah and Micah.

Robertson, O. Palmer (1990). The Books of Nahum, Habakkuk, and Zephaniah.

Jacobs, Mignon R. (2018). The Books of Haggai and Malachi.

Replaced Verhoef, Pieter A. (1987). The Books of Haggai and Malachi.

Boda, Mark J. (2016). The Book of Zechariah.

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