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Reviews of the New Testament Library Bible Commentary Series

new testament library bible commentary seriesRobert W. Wall (Seattle Pacific University):

“Reading Stephen Fowl’s work is always a wonderful experience. His prose is tight and clear, his thinking fresh, and his commentary on Scripture always targets the sacred text and what it may teach the church about its relationship with God and one another.”

Michael J. Gorman (St. Mary’s Seminary & University):

“Without neglecting the cultural contexts of this most ‘spiritual’ Gospel, Thompson demonstrates the depth of the Gospel’s scriptural roots and, in conversation with interpreters ancient and modern, the breadth and height of its theological claims. This expert engagement with the Gospel narrative is a much-needed contribution to its contemporary interpretation. It will now be my go-to commentary on John.”

new testament library bible commentary seriesGregory E. Sterling (Yale Divinity School):

“Based on a lifetime of reading Acts and texts from both the Jewish and Greco-Roman worlds, Carl Holladay has produced a commentary on both Acts and the world in which it was set. This is erudition devoted to a contemporary reader. It is historical-critical scholarship at its very best. I highly recommend it to all who take the text seriously.”

Author interviews from the New Testament Library series on Best Bible Commentaries

Jerry Sumney – Colossians

Preview: “One of the most edifying things was the constant insistence on the certainty of forgiveness and relationship with God that we have in Christ. The poetic material in 1:15-20 gives its vision of the exalted place of Christ as assurance that we have forgiveness and that any decree against us is removed because of the work of Christ. Just as the Colossians were being taught that they needed other experiences for that full relationship with God, so we sometimes feel that we need something more. One of the central themes of Colossians is that we fully have life with God, beginning now, because of and in Christ.”

new testament library bible commentary seriesBrian Blount – Revelation

Preview: “It is my hope that the commentary can be beneficial for all Christians. The primary audience consists of pastors, students, and professors. But I believe that it can also be useful for Christians who are interested in learning more about the Book of Revelation. I have used the research in many church contexts of adult education across the years. The material has been enthusiastically received.

Purpose of the New Testament Library Bible Commentary series

From the publisher: “The New Testament Library series offers authoritative commentary on every book and major aspect of the New Testament, providing fresh translations based on the best available ancient manuscripts, critical portrayals of the historical world in which the books were created, careful attention to their literary design, and a theologically perceptive exposition of the biblical text. The contributors are scholars of international standing. The editorial board consists of C. Clifton Black, Princeton Theological Seminary; M. Eugene Boring, Brite Divinity School; and John T. Carroll, Union Presbyterian Seminary.”

new testament library bible commentary seriesVolumes in the Interpretation series

Mark: A Commentary – M. Eugene Boring

Luke: A Commentary – John T. Carroll

John: A Commentary – Marianne Meye Thompson

Acts: A Commentary – Carl R. Holladay

II Corinthians: A Commentary – Frank Matera

Galatians: A Commentary – Martinus C. de Boer

Ephesians: A Commentary – Stephen E. Fowl

Philippians and Philemon: A Commentary – Charles B. Cousar

new testament library bible commentary seriesColossians: A Commentary – Jerry L. Sumney

I & II Thessalonians: A Commentary – M. Eugene Boring

I, II Timothy & Titus: A Commentary – Raymond Collins

Hebrews: A Commentary – Luke Timothy Johnson

I, II, & III John: A Commentary – Judith M. Lieu

Revelation: A Commentary – Brian K. Blount

Theology and Ethics in Paul – Victor Paul Furnish

History and Theology in the Fourth Gospel – J. Louis Martyn

The Word in This World – Paul W. Meyer

Images of the Church in the New Testament – Paul Sevier Minear

Paul and the Anatomy of Apostolic Authority – John Howard Schutz

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