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Note: this series was formerly known as the New International Biblical Commentary series

Reviews of Volumes in the Understanding the Bible Commentary Series

understanding the Bible commentaryH. G. M. Williamson (University of Oxford) on the Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther volume:

“Three books, two commentators, but one approach, and the right one at that. Although both Allen and Laniak give attention to the historical setting of these post-exilic books, they rightly concentrate their effort on unfolding the intricacies of the literary narrative, since it is here that authority for belief and practice as well as material for preaching lies. With the right balance between overall thematic exposition and detailed notes, their commentary should serve both pastors and students well in opening up these neglected and frequently misunderstood books.”

Purpose of the Understanding the Bible Series

new international biblical commentary
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Note: this commentary series was formerly called the New International Bible Commentary series.

Original | Paternoster Press | Hendrickson Publishers

The New International Biblical Commentary series offers the best of contemporary scholarship in a format that both general readers and serious students can use with profit. The aim of the series is to provide reliable guides to the books of the Bible presented in a style that does not require formal theological education to understand. Based on the widely used New International Version translation, each volume in the NIBC presents an introductory chapter detailing the background of the book, its audiences, its authorship, its important themes, and other helpful information.

understanding the Bible commentary
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Reformatted | Baker Books

The Understanding the Bible Commentary Series helps readers navigate the strange and sometimes intimidating literary terrain of the Bible. These accessible volumes break down the barriers between the ancient and modern worlds so that the power and meaning of the biblical texts become transparent to contemporary readers. The contributors tackle the task of interpretation using the full range of critical methodologies and practices, yet they do so as people of faith who hold the text in the highest regard. Pastors, teachers, and lay people alike will cherish the truth found in this commentary series.


Genesis – John E. Hartley

Exodus – James K. Bruckner

Leviticus, Numbers – W. H. Bellinger, Jr.

Deuteronomy – Christopher J. H. Wright

Joshua, Judges, Ruth – Cheryl A. Brown, J. Gordon Harris, and Michael S. Moore

1 and 2 Samuel – Mary J. Evans

new international biblical commentary1 and 2 Kings – Iain W. Provan

1 and 2 Chronicles – Louis C. Jonker

Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther – Leslie C. Allen and Timothy S. Laniak

Job – Gerald H. Wilson

Psalms – Craig C. Broyles

understanding the Bible commentaryProverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs – Elizabeth Huwiler and Roland E. Murphy

Isaiah – John Goldingay

Jeremiah, Lamentations – Tremper Longman

Ezekiel – Steven Tuell

Daniel – William Nelson

Minor Prophets, Vol. 1 – Elizabeth Achtemeier

Minor Prophets, Vol. 2 – John Goldingay and Pamela Scalise

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