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21st Century bible commentaryThe 21st Century Bible Commentary series is the product of the Scripture Truth Publishing Company.

The publisher, and the commentary authors, hold to a pretribulational and premillennial understanding of biblical prophecy.

The publisher notes that “The message of the New Testament represents the timeless truth of God. As each generation seeks to apply that truth to its specific context, and up-to-date commentary needs to be created just for them.”

The editors and authors of the Twenty-First Century Biblical Commentary Series have endeavored to do just that.

This team of scholars represents conservative, evangelical, and dispensational scholarship.

The individual authors may differ on minor points of interpretation, but all are convinced that the Old and New Testaments teach a dispensational framework for biblical history.

About the Scripture Truth Book Company

Scripture Truth Book Company is a Christian book, Bible and merchandise retail business that was established in 1956 by M.V. Brodsky in Roanoke, Virginia. Mr. Brodsky founded the company to provide fellow believers with Christian merchandise at discounted prices – a need that first became evident to him during his days at Moody Bible Institute in the late 1930s and early 1940s.

After returning from military service in World War II, he and his family eventually moved to Roanoke, Virginia. Mr. Brodsky supported his growing family with several jobs in Roanoke, even as he continued to sell books part time. In 1956, after much prayer, he decided to devote all of his time to selling Bibles and books. The business moved to its current home at 35 Huff Road in Fincastle, Virginia in 1960.

Initially the business occupied part of the basement of the family home. Most orders came through the annual catalog and a monthly product list that was mailed to subscribers. The business increased until it eventually required the entire basement, and later, with the family’s children grown and a need for still more room, the main office was moved upstairs. When greater storage was needed, God graciously provided a warehouse in the town of Fincastle for Scripture Truth to buy. Two additions have been built to provide space for merchandise.

Three generations of the Brodsky family have been blessed to work together at Scripture Truth. In addition, we have had the privilege of working with many fine people over the years as the need for help has arisen.

It has been a joy to serve so many Christians for more than 5 decades. It is our prayer that our work has been a blessing to many, and that we have been in some small way, salt and light in this world. Some of our customers have become dear friends, many more have been an encouragement to us, and we are so thankful for each one.

M.V. Brodsky went to be with the Lord on January 23, 2007 at age 88. Our family continues to honor his original vision of providing believers with Christian materials at the lowest possible prices. We do our best to glorify God through the business Mr. Brodsky founded, and to select Christ-centered books that spread the gospel of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Volumes in the series

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Matthew – James Borland

Throughout Matthew’s gospel, he draws our attention to the One who is the rightful King of Israel. Jesus is portrayed as being born a King, living and dying as a King and coming again as the ultimate King of Kings. As you read this gospel and study this commentary, you will be challenged to become His disciple and follow Him wherever He leads you.

Mark – James McGowan

James Mcgowan brings the characteristic of Christ the servant- His love, His compassion, His selflessness- into sharper focus. Are you faithful servant of Christ? This commentary will bring you face to face with the greatest servant of all, and challenge you to be just like him.

Luke – Mal Couch

Couch’s commentary on the gospel of Luke will help you recognize God’s love and care for you in a new and exciting way. How aware are you of the way He is weaving the events of your life into His eternal plan? Look into this gospel of Luke and increase your awareness of the marvelous things God did just for you.

John – Elmer Towns

The message of the book of John is underlined by the use of two key words, believe, used ninety-eight times and life, used thirty-six times. In The Gospel of John, Elmer Towns places a particular emphasis on these words. The Apostle John wrote with a twofold purpose—as noted in 20:31—to communicate Christ through His miracles and teachings so men might, first, believe that Jesus was indeed who He said He was, the Son of God; and second, they might have eternal life because of their belief.

Acts – Steven Ger

In Acts we are able to share in the joy, the loss, the frustration, the passionate debate and the ultimate triumph of these pioneers of Christianity. These are ordinary people who, through the power of the Holy Spirit, accomplish extraordinary tings in the name of their messiah. In less than one generation this initial cohort of Christians boldly “turned the world upside down” (Acts 17:6).

Romans – Woodrow Koll

No book of Scriptures has played a more significant role in the history of the Church. It has led men and woman from every nation and every walk of life to evaluate their lives and trust in God’s grace. Studying Romans can have the same effect on you as it has had on other readers if your heart is prepared for change.

I Corinthians – Dan Mitchell

The Church at Corinth was far from the ideal model of a first-century apostolic church. It had been planted in one of the most difficult and challenging cities in the Roman World. (The Greek word korinthiazomai) (literally, “to act the Corinthian”) in fact came to mean “to commit fornication.”) it was to this burgeoning young church, with all of its potential and all of its problems, that Paul wrote his first letter to the Corinthians.

II Corinthians – Dan Mitchell

Paul had declared the truths of the gospel, but others came to Corinth after him and sough to undermine all he had tough. The Christians in Jerusalem were in dire need of help. The false teachers were claiming that Paul was not even an apostle. Rumors and half-truths were common rhetoric. In order to defend the truth, Paul had to defend the call God had placed upon him, and all the things that call had led him to endure. Dan Mitchell brings Paul’s word into focus challenge every believer to defend the truth, to care for those in need, and to work together in unity to accomplish the goal of presenting Christ to a dying needy world.

Galatians and Ephesians – John Witmer

In Galatians & Ephesians the reader will discern both the heart of the apostle Paul and the heart of the New Testament gospel. In both epistle, the reader is enveloped in the truth that salvation is by Christ alone, through grace alone, by faith alone.

Philippians and Colossians – Robert Gromacki

In both these epistles, Paul seeks to turn the attention of believers away from their old, sinful lifestyle to newness in Christ. Believers are challenged to grab hold of the righteousness that is accredited by faith, that might know Christ, “and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death.”

1 and II Thessalonians – Mike Stallard

In this commentary, Mike Stallard’s sound biblical teaching and compassionate heart combine to encourage readers to walk in righteousness and find hope in the second coming of Christ.

I and II Timothy, Titus, and Philemon – Charles Ray

Charles Ray’s commentary is unique in that he emphasizes the personal, practical results Paul wanted to encourage every Christian to strive for in their daily walk. Here the reader will be challenged to see the goals Paul had in mind, and to incorporate them in his or her own life.

James & First and Second Peter – William Baker

The books of James and 1 & 2 Peter put feet to the Christian walk, urging the child of God to focus on living out what he or she believes. These three books challenges believers to evaluate their lives in the light of the Sermon on the Mount, to be the same person in the eyes of others as in their own heart,and to follow after Christ regardless of circumstances.

Hebrews – Steven Ger

Steven Ger’s ethnic and spiritual background as a Jewish believer in Jesus, coupled with decades of extensive study of both Christianity and Judaism, distinctively quality him to offer new perspectives to the study of Hebrews. Learn more about the power and worth of the sacrifice Christ offered by His own death. See the total sufficiency of Christ’s atonement for our sins. Be comforted by the hope that comes from an intimate relationship with the great High Priest.

I, II, and III John and Jude – Robert Lightner

Do you claim to love God but hate your brother? Such hypocrisy is contrary to the teaching of 1 John 3:10, that believers in Christ should walk in the light, living righteously before God and showing love and compassion to others. In this commentary on these letter to believers, Dr.Lightner reveals how the faith once delivered to the saints encourages believers to live for Christ, to act appropriately according to truth and love, and to uphold that truth in times of apostasy.

Revelation – Ed Hinson

The Book of Revelation has been called the epilogue of the unfolding drama of redemption. It’s God’s road map to help us understand where human history is going. In the biblical record, human history begins in a garden and ends in the eternal city. It begins with tragedy and ends with triumph. It begins with man’s failure and ends with his exaltation. In between, there stands a cross! and on that cross, Jesus Christ changed the course of human history forever.

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