Best Commentary Series

bible commentaries bookshelfBible commentaries series come in all shapes and sizes.

Series often have specific purposes for specific audiences. Some are written for pastors, others for professors, and still others for lay persons. And some attempt to apply to all of the above.

Some series reflect Arminian theology, others reflect Calvinistic or Reformed theology. Still other series reflect denomination emphases, such as Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, and Pentecostal, and many more.

In some series, authors comment on the original languages of the bible, while in others they explain the English text. Some devote a lot of space to history, others to theology, and still others to application.

Only by learning more about each commentary series can a person determine which will be best for their purposes.

Also see the Bible Commentary Comparison Chart, which compares and contrasts 75 different commentary series. It is unlike the index below in that it provides an overview of the English bible translation each commentary series uses, the theological approach taken by authors, the cost of an average volume, as well as other points of interest that will help readers understand the differences between commentary series.

The index below will lead the reader to pages that provide in-depth information on each commentary series, including a description of the purpose, the target audience, and an index of volumes.

21st century21st Century Commentaries
luke commentary coverAbingdon Commentaries
mark commentary coverAnchor Yale Commentary Series
Ancient Christian Commentary on ScriptureAncient Christian Commentaries on Scripture
haggai commentary coverApollos Old Testament Commentaries
job commentary coverBaker Commentaries on the Old Testament Wisdom and Psalms
peter commentary coverBaker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament
malachi commentary coverThe Bible Speaks Today
hebrews commentary coverBiblical Theology for Christian Proclamation
john commentary coverBlack’s New Testament Commentaries
revelation commentary coverBrazos Theological Commentaries
cambridge bible commentaryCambridge Bible Commentaries
ecclesiastes commentary coverChrist-Centered Exposition Commentaries
The College Press Commentary Series
The Communicator's CommentaryThe Communicator’s Commentary Series
galatians commentary coverConcordia Commentaries
matthew commentary coverContinental Commentaries
cornerstone commentaryCornerstone Biblical Commentaries
acts commentary coverCrossway Classic Commentaries
daily study bibleDaily Study Bible
john commentary coverEvangelical Exegetical Commentaries
job commentary coverEvangelical Press Study Commentary
john commentary coverExegetical Guide to the Greek New Testament
psalms commentary coverExpositor’s Bible Commentaries
joshua commentary coverFocus on the Bible
luke commentary coverFor Everyone
romans commentary coverFor You
nahum commentary coverThe Gospel According to the Old Testament
luke commentary coverHermeneia
holman commentaryHolman Commentaries
isaiah commentary coverInternational Critical Commentaries
International Theological CommentaryInternational Theological Commentaries
john commentary coverInterpretation
luke commentary coverIVP New Testament Commentaries
James Montgomery Boice commentaryJames Montgomery Boice Commentary
calvin commentariesJohn Calvin Commentaries
hebrews commentary coverJohn MacArthur New Testament Commentaries
commentary coverJPS Torah Commentaries
keil delitzsch commentaryKeil-Delitzsch Commentaries
Kregel Exegetical Library commentaryKregel Exegetical Commentaries
romans commentary coverLectio Continua Expository Commentaries
corinthians commentary coverLiving Insights: Chuck Swindoll Commentaries
Matthew Henry commentaryMatthew Henry Commentaries
exodus commentary coverMentor Commentaries
hebrews commentary coverNew American Commentaries
romans commentary coverNew Beacon Bible Commentaries
matthew commentary coverNew Cambridge Bible Commentaries
philippians commentary coverNew Century Commentaries
New International Biblical CommentaryNew International Biblical Commentaries
zechariah commentary coverNew International Commentaries on the Old and New Testament
revelation commentary coverNew International Greek Testament Commentaries
mark commentary coverNew Interpreter’s Bible Commentaries
hebrews commentary coverNIV Application Commentaries
revelation commentary coverOld and New Testament Library
luke commentary coverPaideia Commentaries
luke commentary coverPillar New Testament Commentaries
preachers commentaryThe Preacher’s Commentary Series
exodus commentary coverPreaching the Word
Reformation Commentary on ScriptureReformation Commentaries on Scripture
matthew commentary coverReformed Expository Commentaries
sacra pagina commentarySacra Pagina Commentaries
mark commentary coverSmyth & Helwys Bible Commentaries
thessalonians commentry coverSocio-Rhetorical Commentaries
daniel commentary coverStory of God Bible Commentaries
romans commentary coverTeach the Text Commentaries
proverbs commentary coverThru the Bible: J. Vernon McGee
genesis commentary coverTwo Horizons
numbers commentary coverTyndale Old and New Testament Bible Commentaries
genesis commentary coverUnderstanding the Bible Commentary Series
John Walvoord commentaryJohn Walvoord Prophecy Commentaries
wesleyan commentaryWesleyan Bible Study Commentaries
esther commentary coverWord Biblical Commentaries
revelation commentary coverWycliffe Exegetical Commentaries
romans commentary coverZondervan Exegetical Commentaries on the Old and New Testament
revelation commentary coverZondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentaries