Best Bible Commentaries was born out of a love for books that help people understand the Bible, especially Old and New Testament commentaries. Having been a pastor and professor, I have used, discussed, and written about commentaries for many years.

In classes, many of my undergraduate students have found it humorous when I have described myself as a “commentary nerd,” which is meant to be funny, but it is also a badge I wear happily because it describes my passion for the wonderful resources that God has graciously given the Church.

My mission is to help readers find the right resources for their particular needs.

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I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I do my best to follow him and demonstrate the Fruits of the Spirit to those around me.

I am convicted to help strengthen the Body of Christ, in large part by promoting and encouraging Christ-centered, biblically-based preaching and teaching.

Theologically, I am an evangelical Christian. Though I have opinions and preferences on secondary matters (and you may, too), I aim to be as objective as possible on this website. I respect commentary authors from a variety of Christian traditions and am pleased to count them among my friends.

My home bookshelves contain authors that identify as Calvinist, Arminian, dispensational, amillennial, Baptist, Lutheran, Assemblies of God, Methodist, Presbyterian, and this list goes on.


I am a graduate of Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon, and a member of the Evangelical Theological Society. I have been in Christian ministry for over 20 years, serving in local churches as a Lead, Associate, and Youth Pastor.

The church where I served as lead pastor was non-denominational, yet broadly evangelical. I have ministered in small farming communities and in some of the largest cities in North America.


I have taught almost 30 different undergraduate courses in Bible and theology at two evangelical liberal arts universities.

My favorite courses to teach are Pentateuch, Genesis, Life of Christ, Christology and Soteriology, Hamartiology, and Theology of Worship.

I am currently the Director of Academic Services at an evangelical liberal arts university. Best Bible Commentaries is my own independent project.

Writer / Webmaster

For five years, I was a writer and editor for the Christianity section of a popular website on religion.

I resigned from this role, in part, to create and manage Best Bible Commentaries. During that time, I learned a lot about website creation and operation. I am not an expert, but I enjoy learning about the craft.


“With its book-by-book lists, reviews, and interviews, Best Bible Commentaries helps readers make well-informed decisions about the most useful tools for teaching the Bible in any ministry context.”

– Philip Graham Ryken, President of Wheaton College

Studying God’s Word is not a dispassionate intellectual exercise. It engages us personally. The interviews on Best Bible Commentaries give us a glimpse of the hearts as well as the minds of scholars and pastors who write commentaries, informing our selection of partners-in-print as we explore the Scriptures’ richness.”

– Dennis E. Johnson, Philippians (Reformed Expository Commentary) and Triumph of the Lamb: A Commentary on Revelation

“I am grateful for Daniel Isaiah Joseph’s web site “Best Bible Commentaries,” which provides thoughtful and reliable assessments of Biblical commentaries, both past and present. There’s no fake news on Daniel’s site. He reports on the best of sources, and the sources receive his best reporting.”

~ James R. Edwards, author of the Mark and Luke commentaries in the Pillar New Testament Commentary series

“Best Bible Commentaries is a helpful resource for pastors and professors.”

– Thomas Schreiner, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Best Bible Commentaries helps us navigate the forest of commentaries on any particular book of the Bible to find those that will best align with our individual purposes for studying — and those that have already proven most helpful to other students of the Scriptures.”

– David A. deSilva, Ashland Theological Seminary


I participate in Amazon’s affiliate program. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


I have attempted to find the balance between telling interested readers about myself to establish trust, yet I also desire to maintain some level of internet privacy.

Under the right circumstances, and for the right purpose, I would be happy to share more about myself via email.

The authors I correspond with often learn more about me in the course of conversation, so perhaps it would be helpful to realize that these scholars and pastors are comfortable interacting with me and participating in Questions and Answers.

Please contact me at [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I partner with you in ministry?

Yes. I desire to build relationships with authors, publishers, pastors, professors, readers, and other ministry-minded webmasters. I am open to creative ways to partner with other Christ-honoring ministries and websites if it aids the user experience.

2. Can I republish articles or interviews from BBC on my website or in my publication?

All rights are reserved. Please don’t duplicate content I worked hard to create, but linking to my pages is welcomed and appreciated. Please don’t re-publish Questions and Answers, as authors have agreed to have those posted on BBC, but linking to those pages is welcomed and appreciated.

Partial quotations are permissible with full hyperlinked citation.

Please contact me at the email address above with additional questions.

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