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Reviews of Abingdon Commentaries

Abingdon commentariesOn the 2 Corinthians volume:

G. B. Caird, Expository Times: “This is a commentary which is both scholarly and religious, both readable and erudite. . . . Barrett has a marvelous gift of helping the reader to see not only what Paul is saying, but what he is saying it about. . . . a commentary destined to be subject to the rigorous test of constant use.”

On the James volume:

Interpretation: “[This] commentary is surely a success and worthy of careful use. It rarely fails to clarify difficult passages; and it will inform a reader quickly and thoroughly of the relationship of James to Christian hortatory literature. Its moderation, thoroughness, and readability strongly recommend it to pastor and scholar alike.”

On the Revelation volume:

Journal of the Evangelical Society: “Boxall has produced a scholarly, well-written, highly readable commentary on the book of Revelation. It is ideal for pastors on a budget looking for a commentary that does not advocate an idiosyncratic interpretation but carefully considers a plurality of viewpoints. It will prove equally valuable in introductory-level seminary courses and for students just getting their feet wet in the study of Revelation.”

Purpose of Abingdon Commentaries

The Abingdon New Testament Commentaries series provides compact, critical commentaries on the writings of the New Testament. These commentaries are written with special attention to the needs and interests of theological students, but they will also be useful for students in upper-level college or university settings, as well as for pastors and other religious leaders. In addition to providing basic information about the New Testament texts and insights into their meanings, these commentaries are intended to exemplify the tasks and procedures of careful, critical biblical exegesis.

Volumes in Abingdon Commentaries

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1 Corinthians by Richard A. Horsley

1 John, 2 John, 3 John by David K. Rensberger

1 Peter by M. Eugene Boring

1 Thessalonians, 2 Thessalonians by Victor Paul Furnish

1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Titus by Jouette M. Bassler

2 Corinthians by Calvin J. Roetzel

Mark by C. Clifton Black

Acts by Beverly Roberts Gaventa

Colossians by David M. Hay

Ephesians by Pheme Perkins

Galatians by Sam K. Williams

Hebrews by Victor C. Pfitzner

James by C. Freeman Sleeper

John by D. Moody Smith

Jude, 2 Peter by Steven J. Kraftchick

Luke by Robert C. Tannehill

Matthew by Donald Senior

Philippians, Philemon by Carolyn Osiek

Revelation by Leonard L. Thompson

Romans by Leander E. Keck

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