Best Bible Commentary Apps (Ranked with Images)

Bible commentary apps for mobile phones are becoming increasingly popular to use because of their accessibility and affordability. It is not easy to carry around a bookshelf of Bible reference books, so downloadable phone apps offer readers information at the tip of their fingers for use in small groups, Bible studies, or even to use when in fellowship with a friend at a coffee shop.

Free bible commentary apps contain older commentaries that are in the public domain, which means that anyone can reproduce their content without infringing upon someone else’s copyright. Almost all public domain resources are over 100 years old. Most recent reference content is copyrighted and therefore costs money.

Bible commentaries by authors like Matthew Henry, John Calvin, C.I. Scofield, and others are commonly found on the internet because anyone can upload them for free. This is also why these authors are common in bible apps.

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The Best: Bible Hub’s App

There are bible apps that offer commentary by one author, such as the “Matthew Henry commentary app,” but the one that has them all is the Bible Hub app, which is free and easy to use. Below are some screenshots of how to navigate it.


The home screen contains all the different features of the app. The commentaries section is in the middle below.

bible hub phone app

Left-side menu: Users can also navigate the app’s contents via the left-side menu. The Bible commentaries section is toward the bottom of the list.

bible app menu commentaries

Bible commentaries section: The Bible commentary section of the app looks like the interface of Bible Hub’s website. It’s easy to navigate, and as long as the user’s internet connection is stable, it’s fast as well.

bible commentary app

Commentary tab: Clicking on the COM tab (as seen in the image above in the second horizontal menu), takes the user to a list of available commentaries. They are older, public-domain commentaries.

bible app bible commentaries list

Example: Matthew Henry: Clicking on one of the commentaries opens a new page and takes the user to Genesis 1.

bible app commentaries

Hebrews lettering appears in Old Testament commentaries that are more technical in nature.

Bible app interface

Greek lettering appears in New Testament commentaries that are more technical in nature.

bible phone app

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Other Bible commentary apps

There are other apps available that contain the commentary of just one author. All are in the public domain, so they are more than 100 years old. They are also included in Bible Hub’s app. Below are screenshot examples from the Matthew Henry commentary app.


bible commentary app

Left-side menu

bible commentary app

Book-by-book navigation

bible commentary app

Single-book navigation

bible commentary app

Commentary content example

bible commentary app

Logos app: Pay Version

Logos software has an app, but users must pay for content. The app is free, but the user must pay to download non-public domain resources like commentaries.

The cost of commentaries varies, but they are generally the same price as a person would pay buying such a book on Amazon, for example.


logos commentary app

Paid resources section

logos commentary app

There are a few free resources, like Bibles

logos commentary app

Scripture interface example

logos commentary app

Content navigation example

logos commentary app

One-Volume whole-bible commentaries are affordable and user-friendly. Please see a list of the Best One-Volume Commentaries: The Top 25 to learn more.

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