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Content FAQ

How does this guide save me money? Paying $50 or more for a single commentary only to discover it’s not the quality resource you thought it was going to be, is a common experience. Owning a guide that lists the Top 10 commentaries for every book of the Bible will help you spend money wisely.

How does this guide save me time? Rather than navigating to each page on this website for all 66 books of the Bible to discover the top volumes for each book, this guide lists the Top 10 commentaries for each book, including the title, author, and series name. Additionally, all pages in the guide are advertisement-free.

What extra content is included in the download? Along with the Top 10 commentaries on each book of the Bible, you will also get a list of the Top 50 Bible Commentary Series and a list of the Top 25 Whole-Bible Commentaries.

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What will happen after I click the green button? When you click the green button above, you will be prompted to pay for the guide via Paypal. You can use your Paypal account or enter a credit card number. Best Bible Commentaries doesn’t see (or acquire) any passwords or credit card numbers. The purchase screen will read that payment was sent to Isaiah Joseph, LLC.

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After clicking the green button above, depending on the speed of the internet and entering payment information, most people will have the document in their possession in less than a minute.

Please note: Because this is a PDF download, there are no refunds.

Scholars Recommend Best Bible Commentaries

“With its book-by-book lists, reviews, and interviews, Best Bible Commentaries helps readers make well-informed decisions about the most useful tools for teaching the Bible in any ministry context.”

— Philip Graham Ryken, President of Wheaton College, and author of commentaries volumes on Exodus in the Preaching the Word series (PTW) and Luke in the Reformed Expository Commentary series (REC)

“I am grateful for Daniel Isaiah Joseph’s web site “Best Bible Commentaries,” which provides thoughtful and reliable assessments of Biblical commentaries, both past and present… He reports on the best of sources, and the sources receive his best reporting.”

— James R. Edwards, Professor Emeritus of Theology at Whitworth University, and author of the Mark and Luke volumes in the Pillar New Testament Commentary series (PNTC)

“Best Bible Commentaries helps us navigate the forest of commentaries on any particular book of the Bible to find those that will best align with our individual purposes for studying — and those that have already proven most helpful to other students of the Scriptures.”

— David A. deSilva, Trustees’ Distinguished Professor of New Testament and Greek at Ashland Theological Seminary, author of Galatians in the New International Commentary on the New Testament series (NICNT)

Examples of Academic Journals

  • Bulletin for Biblical Research
  • Biblical Interpretation
  • Bibliotheca Sacra
  • Concordia Journal
  • Calvin Theological Journal
  • Currents in Theology and Mission
  • Denver Journal
  • Evangelical Quarterly
  • Expository Times
  • Institute for Biblical Research
  • Journal of Biblical Literature
  • Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
  • Reformed Theological Review
  • Society of Biblical Literature
  • Trinity Journal
  • Tyndale Bulletin
  • Westminster Theological Journal
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