Bible Reference Tools Comparison Chart

Having the right reference tools can open up the bible to people who desire a greater understanding of the Old and New Testament.

The comparison chart below helps people understand the differences between these resources so people can find the right one for their purposes.

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Bible Atlascontains maps and charts related to the Old and New Testament; see more: What is a Bible Atlas?Amazon
Bible Commentaryreference tool that contains helpful explanations about a word, verse, or passage of Scripture; see more: What is a Bible commentary?Amazon
Bible Concordancecontains an alphabetical A-to-Z listing of words found in the bible, as well as where they are located, by using book, chapter, and verse references ; see more: What is a Bible Concordance?Amazon
Bible Dictionarycontains an A-to-Z alphabetical listing of words, phrases, and names, as they are used Scripture, with an explanation of their meaning ; see more: What is a Bible Dictionary?Amazon
Bible Handbookmiddle-of-the-road reference tool that are not as in-depth and complex as commentaries, yet they provide more information than bible dictionaries and concordances; see more: What is a Bible Handbook?Amazon
Topical Biblecontains alphabetically organized entries on subjects found in Scripture, each entry lists verses and passages on a given subject (i.e. angels, alters, Armageddon); see more: What is a Topical Bible?Amazon
Chronological Bibleputs books, chapters, and verses of Scripture in the historical order in which they occurred; see more: What is a Chronological Bible?Amazon
Study Biblealong with the full text of the bible, study bibles contain notes, articles, and illustrations to help readers understand Scripture ; see more: What is a Study Bible?Amazon

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