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Black’s New Testament Commentaries series are modern bible reference resources based on each respective individual author’s original English translation of the Hebrew and Greek text.

Volumes include interaction with modern scholarship, though some commentaries are now dated.

Black's New Testament Commentary
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Authors are mindful of discussing the theological implications of their interpretations and stating their relevance for the Christian church.

The series will be maximized by seminary-trained pastors, yet educated lay people who are able to understand and follow advanced discussion on biblical interpretation will benefit.

Which commentary series is best for your purposes? See Best Bible Commentaries: Top 50. Based on aggregate reviews.

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Black’s New Testament Bible Commentaries: Reviews

On the 2 Corinthians volume:

G. B. Caird, Expository Times: 

This is a commentary which is both scholarly and religious, both readable and erudite. . . . Barrett has a marvelous gift of helping the reader to see not only what Paul is saying, but what he is saying it about. . . . a commentary destined to be subject to the rigorous test of constant use.

On the James volume:


“[This] commentary is surely a success and worthy of careful use. It rarely fails to clarify difficult passages; and it will inform a reader quickly and thoroughly of the relationship of James to Christian hortatory literature. Its moderation, thoroughness, and readability strongly recommend it to pastor and scholar alike.”

On the Revelation volume:

Journal of the Evangelical Society: 

“Boxall has produced a scholarly, well-written, highly readable commentary on the book of Revelation.

It is ideal for pastors on a budget looking for a commentary that does not advocate an idiosyncratic interpretation but carefully considers a plurality of viewpoints.

It will prove equally valuable in introductory-level seminary courses and for students just getting their feet wet in the study of Revelation.”

Purpose of Black’s New Testament Commentary Series

From the publisher: “Black’s New Testament Commentaries series are modern commentaries based on new English translations made by the respective editors.

They are intended, while adhering strictly to sound scholarship and doctrine, to bring out above all the theological and religious message of the New Testament for the contemporary Church.”

blacks bible commentary romans
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Volumes in Black’s New Testament Commentary Series

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The Gospel According to Saint Mark – Morna D. Hooker

Jack Dean Kingsbury, Aubrey Lee Brooks Professor of Biblical Theology, Union Theological Seminary:

“For the better part of her distinguished career, Morna Hooker has been a keen student of Mark’s Gospel. In this commentary, she forges from twenty years of research her understanding of Mark’s presentation of Jesus.

With the sure touch of a mature scholar, she guides the reader through the text of Mark in a non-technical way that is both insightful and eminently readable.

At a time in which pastors and students face a veritable flood of new commentaries, this one commends itself as a valuable yet manageable resource. Those who use it will find it stimulating and enriching.”

The Gospel According to Saint John – Andrew T. Lincoln

Review of Biblical Literature:

“This new commentary on the Fourth Gospel provides both a worthy addition to the respected Black’s New Testament Commentary series and a serious replacement for its widely cited predecessor in that series, by J. N. Sanders and B. A Mastin…

blacks new testament commentary
Alternative design

In this work, Lincoln both draws on a wide range of Johannine scholarship and bravely forges new paths at times, respecting consensus but seeking to break new ground.

After an extensive introduction of the major issues debated in Johannine studies today, Lincoln’s work turns to commentary on passages followed by theological summary.

The work is extremely well-written and readable. No reader of commentaries, even at a lay level, will have trouble understanding the prose.

Most of his exegetical and literary judgments are sound and well-researched. . . . All told, this work is a significant one.

Although its format is aimed more for students than for scholars, the distinctive elements in its approach and the arguments advanced for them will also make this commentary important for scholarly consideration.”

The Epistle to the Romans – C. K. Barrett

The First Epistle to the Corinthians – C. K. Barrett

The Second Epistle to the Corinthians – C. K. Barrett

The Epistle to the Galatians – James D. G. Dunn

Professor R. P. Martin, The University of Sheffield:

“It is welcome news that the addition to this well-known series of New Testament commentaries intended for a wide readership has now been supplied.

A special welcome awaits James Dunn’s edition of Galatians which stands as a companion piece to his monumental Romans.

The new volume is accessible to a wider audience since it is written in an attractively simple and succinct style, yet tackling the hard problems this epistle poses.

Ministers and students will appreciate Dunn’s restatement of his earlier contributions to Pauline theology and his reactions to the ongoing debate on such issues as the ‘works of the law.’

The general reader, moreover, will find this a sure-footed and profitable guide to what is in some ways the heart of Paul’s gospel, both doctrinal and ethical.”

The Epistle to the Ephesians – John Muddiman

Resources for Preaching and Teaching, Christianity Today:

“The Epistle to the Ephesians is John Muddiman’s contribution to Black’s New Testament Commentary.

Muddiman begins at the beginning, by arguing that a reader’s conclusions about Ephesians must be based on whether Paul is the author of the letter. He then explores various approaches to the question and their implications for Pauline theology.

This series allows the writers to present their own translations of the Greek text, with paragraph-by-paragraph exposition.”

The Epistle to the Philippians – Markus Bockmuehl

First and Second Epistles to the Thessalonians – Ernest Best

Journal of Biblical Literature:

“…a great help to pastors and teachers…”

The Epistle of James – Sophie Laws

The Epistles of Peter and Jude – J. N. D. Kelly

The Expository Times:

“Great erudition lightly carried, precise attention to detail which always illuminates and never obscures the argument, clarity of treatment even when the subject is itself confused, and an infectious enthusiasm for the task of decoding an ancient and well-loved text.”

The Pastoral Epistles – J. N. D. Kelly

Journal of Theological Studies:

“Dr. Kelly’s contribution to Black’s New Testament Commentaries is of the first order: an excellent book in every way.

The exposition in particular is sheer pleasure to study, and the reader cannot fail to admire the author’s skill in combining a large amount of information, and detailed discussion of the various interpretations that can be put upon Greek constructions, with an easy but dignified style.”

The Revelation of Saint John – Ian Boxall

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