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chronicles bible commentary pratt coverRichard Pratt is the author of the 1-2 Chronicles commentary in the Mentor commentary series. Dr. Pratt (Th.D. in Old Testament Studies from Harvard University) is a theologian, author, and founder and President of Third Millennium Ministries.

Dr. Pratt taught at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, MS, and Orlando, FL, for 21 years. He also chaired the Old Testament Department in Orlando and is currently Adjunct Professor of Old Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary.

Dr. Pratt is actively involved in all aspects of ministry, including writing, teaching, and global advancement. He has traveled extensively throughout the world to evangelize and lecture, including Australia, China, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Indonesia, Mexico, Mongolia, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine, Cuba, the United Kingdom and throughout the United States. He is best known for his approach to Biblical hermeneutics, which places a heavy emphasis on the Kingdom of God.

Third Millennium was launched in response to the lack of training of Christian leaders around the world. Third Millennium recognizes where the church is growing the fastest, those Christian leaders have the least amount of training. Pratt personally witnessed this in the 1980s as he traveled for missions. Helping the church worldwide has become his passion. He believes that any person that has the desire to learn more about the Bible should be given that opportunity in their own land, in their own language, and at no cost.

His books include: He Gave Us Stories: The Bible Student’s Guide To Interpreting Old Testament Narratives; Holy Bible: New Living Translation; Designed For Dignity: What God Has Made It Possible For You To Be; and the NIV Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible (general editor).

7 Questions on 1-2 Chronicles in the Mentor Commentary Series

Recently, Dr. Pratt graciously answered my questions about his 1 Chronicles commentary. Readers will learn how this commentary came to be, what is unique about it among 1 Chronicles commentaries, and how the project edified him personally.

1. What previous research and/or personal interests led you to this project and helped prepare you to write this commentary on 1 and 2 Chronicles?

I wrote my dissertation on the prayers of kings in the book of Chronicles. I also wrote the study notes on Chronicles in The Reformation Study Bible. These efforts prepared me for writing this commentary.

2. Who is the intended audience for this commentary? Would it benefit pastors? professors? students? lay Christians in the local church?

This commentary is intended for church leaders and highly motivated laypeople.

3. What is unique about this commentary? What contribution does it make to studies of 1 and 2 Chronicles?

This commentary focuses on the major theological themes of the book and how they are communicated in each portion of the book.

4. What section or passage of this commentary was particularly memorable to research and write? Why?

I found David’s final preparations for the temple (1 Christ 29), God’s response to Solomon’s prayer (2 Chr 7) and Hezekiah’s Passover celebration (2 Chr 30) were eye opening. These passages are easily applied to Christians today.

5. What personally edified you in writing this commentary, increasing your affections for Christ?

As one of the last Old Testament books to be written, Chronicles is a prelude to the Christian faith. The Chronilcler’s hopes are fulfilled by Christ. His themes readily apply to the Christian life.

6. Besides your commentary, what are your top recommended books (commentaries or otherwise) on 1 and 2 Chronicles?

Roddy Braun 1 Chronicles (WBC)

Raymond Dillard 2 Chronicles (WBC)

7. What is next for you? What project are you currently working on? How can people follow your work and ministry?

I devote myself primarily to writing theological lessons that are published by Third Millennium Ministries (

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