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Genesis New International Commentary on the Old TestamentVictor P. Hamilton is the author of the Genesis 18-50 volume in the New International Commentary on the Old Testament series.

Beginning with Abraham’s reception of the three visitors and his intercession before Yahweh on behalf of Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen. 18) and continuing through the end of the Joseph story (Gen. 50), the overarching theme of Hamilton’s commentary is Yahweh’s faithfulness to his promised word and his covenant commitments to those whom he has chosen to receive that promised word.

Special features of this commentary include its serious attention to important matters of biblical translation from the Hebrew language into English, copious footnotes that direct readers to further and more extensive sources of information, and frequent references to the New Testament writers’ reading of Genesis. [1]

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Hamilton’s work will greatly benefit scholars, seminarians, and pastors who seek solid exegesis of the Bible’s foundational book.

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Volume Reviews

Bibliotheca Sacra: “A standard resource for scholarly and nonscholarly students of Genesis for many years to come.”

Currents in Theology and Mission: “H. provides a fresh translation, copious notes and bibliography, and an ‘evangelical’ reading of the text, including frequent paragraphs that discuss the New Testament appropriation of Genesis. . . He has ransacked the immense secondary literature on Genesis and provides fair and remarkably clear discussions of controverted points. . . Its clear verse-by-verse layout makes it a delight to consult on specific points. . . I plan to keep his two-volume commentary close at hand and refer to it often.”

Expository Times: “An attractive exposition of the text, showing how it is possible to argue for the coherence of the completed book. . . This is a commentary which brings the stories to life.”

Internationale Zeitschriftenschau für Bibelwissenschaft und Grenzgebiete (IZBG): “As is evident from the bibliographical notes that occasionally take up the better part of a page, Hamilton has digested much of the international scholarship on Genesis, and all serious students of the Bible’s first book will use the present commentary with much profit. It is a mine of information, to be accessed through several indexes. Scholars would be ill advised to ignore this fine work.”

Librarian’s World: “One of our leading evangelical Old Testament scholars completes with this volume an amazingly detailed study of the first book of the Bible. It is a gold mine for teachers and serious Bible students who want to go more deeply than what is given in teachers’ books and study Bibles. . . The best evangelical commentary on Genesis.”

Old Testament Essays: “The book is well structured and contains a useful index of abbreviations at the beginning of the book, and indexes of subjects, authors, scriptural references and of transliterated Hebrew worlds at the end of the book. Of great importance is the author’s excellent attempt at giving significant meaning to contemporary preaching in the Church. Hamilton’s work will certainly suit the needs of scholars, seminarians and ministers who still require to get involved with a solid exegesis on the Biblical text. This is a highly recommended work for ministers and Old Testament scholars.”

Scripture Bulletin (U.K.): “A concise, well-informed, conservative interpretation of Genesis 18-50. While rejecting the Documentary Hypothesis, the work offers fine insights into narratology, its references to secondary literature will allow the interested student to pursue disputed questions further.”

Society of O.T. Study Book List: “An excellent, stimulating commentary which is perceptive and highlights many subtle nuances of the text.”

Southwestern Journal of Theology: “There are several fine Genesis commentaries; Hamilton’s receives the award for best-all-around. . . The New International Commentary on the Old Testament (NICOT) is the best all-around Old Testament commentary set for most pastors, students, and lay people who are serious about Bible Study.”

The Catholic Biblical Quarterly: “Scholars of all varieties will benefit from Hamilton’s newly completed two-volume commentary on Genesis. Avowedly conservative and evangelical, H. attempts to present a fully scholarly commentary blended with theological reflection. . . Close attention to detail is what one expects in a commentary, and H. fulfills this expectation. . . A valuable contribution. It deserves to be consulted in tandem with the recent major commentaries on Genesis by C. Westermann and G. J. Wenham.”

Themelios: “A magnificent tool for the exegesis of Genesis 18-50. Henceforth, students of Genesis have at hand an enormous store of information and sound analysis to guide them.”

Theological Book Review (U.K.): “A major enterprise, which should find its place on library shelves alongside Westermann, von Rad and Speiser.”

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Commentary Series

Someone once said, “The past is another country — they do things differently there.” At times, indeed, the Old Testament resembles another very different country. Maneuvering through levitical laws, bloodshed in Joshua, or Daniel’s apocalyptic visions, sincere readers often wonder what the Old Testament means and how it can be the Word of God. For several decades The New International Commentary on the Old Testament has helped countless people traverse this difficult literary terrain.

This premier commentary series enjoys a worldwide readership of scholars, pastors, priests, rabbis, and serious Bible students. They eagerly consult its high-quality volumes to inform their preaching, teaching, and academic research, and they warmly welcome each newly published volume as they would an encounter with a stimulating new friend. Through the rigorous yet reverent study contained in these commentary volumes, readers hear afresh the voice of the living God speaking his powerful word.

All of the NICOT volumes combine superior scholarship, an evangelical view of Scripture as the Word of God, and concern for the life of faith today. Each volume features an extensive introduction treating the biblical book’s authorship, date, purpose, structure, and theology. The author’s own translation of the original Hebrew and verse-by-verse commentary follow. The commentary itself carefully balances coverage of technical matters with exposition of the biblical text’s theology and implications.

Readers who want to hear God’s voice anew through Scripture will find The New International Commentary on the Old Testament to be a faithful, trustworthy guide for helping them navigate the strange other country we call the Old Testament.

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[1] Summary text provided by the publisher.