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Luke commentary by James EdwardsJames R. Edwards is the author of the Luke volume in the Pillar New Testament Commentary series.

It is considered one of the best Luke commentaries available today.

Edwards also wrote the Mark volume in the same series.

The target audience for this commentary is pastors.

It is not technical, so no knowledge of Greek is required, though Edwards’ exegesis is based on the original language.

The content of this commentary is mid-level to advanced, so only Sunday School teachers and bible study leaders who are used to reading bible reference materials, including commentaries, should consider this a primary resource for their purposes.

Volume Details

Series: The Pillar New Testament Commentary (PNTC)
Hardcover: 859 pages
Publisher: Eerdmans (2015)
ISBN-10: 0802837352
ISBN-13: 978-0802837356

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Video Overview

Commentary Overview

The publisher notes that in keeping with the Pillar New Testament Commentary’s distinctive character, this volume by James R. Edwards on Luke gives special attention to the Third Gospel’s vocabulary and historical setting, its narrative purpose and unique themes, and its theological significance for the church and believers today.

Though Luke is often thought to have a primarily Gentile focus, Edwards counterbalances that perspective by citing numerous evidences of Luke’s overarching interest in depicting Jesus as the fulfillment of God’s providential work in the history of Israel, and he even considers the possibility that Luke himself was a Jew.

In several excursuses Edwards discusses particular topics, including Luke’s infancy narratives, the mission of Jesus as the way of salvation, and Luke’s depiction of the universal scope of the gospel.

While fully conversant with all the latest scholarship, Edwards writes in a lively, fluent style that will commend this commentary to ministers, students, scholars, and many other serious Bible reader

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