Judges Commentary – George Schwab Interview

judges bible commentary schwabGeorge M. Schwab is the author of the Judges commentary in the Gospel According to the Old Testament series. Dr. Schwab (MDiv, PhD, Westminster Theological Seminary) is associate professor of Old Testament at Erskine Seminary. He serves as a minister in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

Dr. Schwab worked as an engineer before pursuing theological studies and has served as a counselor as well as a scholar. His “real world” experience, approachableness, and creativity shape his teaching. He is the author of several books on Old Testament topics.

He has written numerous articles in Old Testament studies and is a contributor to the Expositor Bible Commentary series. Other than Right in Their Own Eyes, his other book in the Gospel According to the Old Testament series is Hope in the Midst of a Hostile World: The Gospel According to Daniel.

7 Question on Judges in the Gospel According to the Old Testament Commentary Series

Recently, Dr. Schwab graciously answered my questions about his Judges commentary. Readers will learn how this commentary came to be, what is unique about it among Judges commentaries, and how the project edified him personally.

1. What previous research and/or personal interests led you to this project and helped prepare you to write this commentary on Judges?

I developed a course on Judges (and Ruth) and taught it several times. It was only natural to turn it into a book, since I had already done so with Daniel in the same series.

2. Who is the intended audience for this commentary? Would it benefit pastors? professors? students? lay Christians in the local church?

Pastors and informed lay people. There are also a few discoveries that would be of interest to scholars as well, although they are not the target audience. The book includes practical application questions that are intended for study groups.

3. What is unique about this commentary? What contribution does it make to studies of Judges?

I guess you will have to read it. I try to uphold the trustworthiness of the Bible while at the same time not shying away from critical issues. I want it to be practical and entertaining, while informative and an authentic reading of Judges.

4. What section or passage of this commentary was particularly memorable to research and write? Why?

There are a number of fun parts. These include the Samson narratives and Ehud.

5. What personally edified you in writing this commentary, increasing your affections for Christ?

One dimension of meaning I discovered in each part was in how it advanced the gospel of Jesus. It was thrilling to see how easily and almost effortlessly this was in most cases.

6. Besides your commentary, what are your top recommended books (commentaries or otherwise) on Judges?

Because the book is basically made up of my lectures, I don’t assign it to my class. I assign them [Daniel] Block’s New American commentary.

7. What is next for you? What project are you currently working on? How can people follow your work and ministry?

I am currently working on a book on Joshua, but have yet to find a publisher for it.

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