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Keil-Delitzsch bible commentaries are still one of the most popular Old Testament resource available today.

The commentaries reflect conservative biblical scholarship, drawing rich theological conclusions from a solid exegetical foundation.

Keil Delitzsch bible commentary

Though Carl Keil and Franz Delitzsch published New Testament resources, those works are not part of this set, which only covers the Old Testament.

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About Keil and Delitzsch

Carl Friedrich Keil (1807–1888) was a conservative German evangelical theologian and commentator. From 1839–1858 he taught Bible, New Testament exegesis, and Oriental languages at the University of Tartu, in Dorpat, Estonia.

Though most known for his Old Testament commentaries, Keil also published commentaries on the Maccabees and New Testament literature.

Franz Delitzsch (1813–1890) was a German theologian and Christian Hebraist. He taught theology at the University of Rostock, University of Erlangen, and University of Leipzig.

He wrote numerous commentaries on Christian apologetics, books of the Bible, Jewish antiquities, and biblical psychology, but is best-known for his translation of the New Testament into Hebrew.


“This series is one of great importance to the biblical scholar, and as regards its general execution, it leaves little or nothing to be desired.”
— Edinburgh Review

“A more valuable commentary for the ‘theological students and scholars,’ for whom it is exclusively intended, than the one contained in these volumes, does not exist in English.
— Methodist Recorder

“The authors are among the most accomplished of living Hebraists, and Delitzsch is, in addition, a man of fine historical imagination, and of clear spiritual vision.”
— Baptist Magazine

“A more important contribution than this series of commentaries has, we think, never been presented to English theological students.
— Rock

“Very high merit, for thorough Hebrew scholarship, and for keen critical sagacity, belongs to these Old Testament commentaries. No scholar will willingly dispense with them.
— British Quarterly

“From a pretty careful study of his commentaries we have come to the conclusion that for painstaking fidelity, extensive and thorough knowledge, and capacity to enter into the spirit of the writer he is busy with, there are few commentators so competent as Keil.”
— Daily Review

“In Delitzsch’s work we find the same industrious scholarship which is of acknowledged worth, and the same conscientious exegesis which is always worthy. No book could be treated with more pains than by this writer, and none could be examined more thoroughly—every phrase, every word, every syllable showing the utmost interest and research of the commentator.”
— Scotsman

“Keil and Delitzsch’s Commentary on the Old Testament is a classic of the nineteenth century. It is popular with conservatives because of its theology. But its sharp insights mean it is by no means just conservatives who find it helpful—it is not uncommon, for example, to see it cited in the bibliography of an academic study. It is therefore welcome that Hendrickson have made it available in a lightly corrected version.”
— Anvil

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