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Old and New Testament Library commentaries are biblical studies resources that have been published by Westminster John Knox press since the 1950’s.

Volumes in the Old Testament Library series first appeared in the 1950’s and were rooted in mid-twentieth century German theology.

new testament library commentary

As the series evolved over the following decades, more American authors contributed volumes.

A series on the New Testament was later established and many volumes have been released since the year 2000. The series’ are incomplete and volumes are still being released, including replacements for older Old Testament commentaries.

Old and New Testament Library volumes concentrate on literary and theological analyses of Scripture and spend less time on exegesis and application.

The publisher has taken an inter-faith approach to commentary authors in the past, as some authors of Old Testament volumes are not Christians.

Some reviewers of these series have noted that authors often do not come to conservative conclusions nor do they identify as evangelical. Most take critical approaches to examining the text.

Which commentary series is best for your purposes? See Best Bible Commentaries: Top 50. Based on aggregate reviews.

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Old and New Testament Library Commentaries (OLT, NLT): Reviews

Many volumes in the Old and New Testament Library series have received excellent reviews from readers from various denominational and theological camps. The most well-reviewed Old Testament volumes include Brevard Child’s Exodus commentary and Sara Japhet’s I and II Chronicles commentary. The most well-reviewed New Testament volumes include Martinus C. deBoer’s Galatians commentary, Stephen E. Fowl’s Ephesians commentary, and Luke Timothy Johnson’s Hebrews commentary.

OLT and NLT Author Interviews on Best Bible Commentaries

Jerry Sumney – Colossians (follow link to read entire interview)

Preview: “One of the most edifying things was the constant insistence on the certainty of forgiveness and relationship with God that we have in Christ. The poetic material in 1:15-20 gives its vision of the exalted place of Christ as assurance that we have forgiveness and that any decree against us is removed because of the work of Christ. Just as the Colossians were being taught that they needed other experiences for that full relationship with God, so we sometimes feel that we need something more. One of the central themes of Colossians is that we fully have life with God, beginning now, because of and in Christ.”

Brian Blount – Revelation (follow link to read entire interview)

Preview: “It is my hope that the commentary can be beneficial for all Christians. The primary audience consists of pastors, students, and professors. But I believe that it can also be useful for Christians who are interested in learning more about the Book of Revelation. I have used the research in many church contexts of adult education across the years. The material has been enthusiastically received.

Also see: Daniel Smith-Christopher on Micah

Old and New Testament Library — Volumes

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New Testament Volumes

old testament library commentary

Mark: A Commentary – M. Eugene Boring | Published: 2006

Luke: A Commentary – John T. Carroll | Published: 2012

John: A Commentary – Marianne Meye Thompson | Published: 2015

Acts: A Commentary – Carl R. Holladay | Published: 2016

II Corinthians: A Commentary – Frank Matera | Published: 2003

Galatians: A Commentary – Martinus C. de Boer | Published: 2011

Ephesians: A Commentary – Stephen E. Fowl | Published: 2012

Philippians and Philemon: A Commentary – Charles B. Cousar | Published: 2009

Colossians – Jerry L. Sumney | Published: 2008

I & II Thessalonians: A Commentary – M. Eugene Boring | Published: 2015

I, II Timothy & Titus: A Commentary – Raymond Collins | Published: 2002

Hebrews: A Commentary – Luke Timothy Johnson | Published: 2006

I, II, & III John: A Commentary – Judith M. Lieu | Published: 2008

Revelation: A Commentary – Brian K. Blount | Published: 2009

Theology and Ethics in Paul – Victor Paul Furnish | Published: 2009

History and Theology in the Fourth Gospel – J. Louis Martyn | Published: 2003

The Word in This World – Paul W. Meyer | Published: 2004

Images of the Church in the New Testament – Paul Sevier Minear | Published: 2004

Paul and the Anatomy of Apostolic Authority – John Howard Schutz | Published: 2007

Old Testament Volumes

Genesis – Gerhard von Rad | Published: 1973

The Book of Exodus – Brevard Childs | Published: 1974

Leviticus – Erhard S. Gerstenberger | Published: 1996

Numbers – Martin Noth | Published: 1969

Deuteronomy – Richard D. Nelson | Published: 2002

Joshua – Richard D. Nelson | Published: 1997

Judges – Susan Niditch | Published: 2008

Ruth – Kirsten Nielsen | Published: 1997

I and II Samuel – A. Graeme Auld | Published: 2011

I and II Kings – Marvin A. Sweeney | Published: 2007

I and II Chronicles – Sara Japhet | Published: 1993

Ezra-Nehemiah – Joseph Blenkinsopp | Published: 1988

Esther – Jon D. Levenson | Published: 1997

The Book of Job – Norman Habel | Published: 1985

The Psalms – Artur Weiser | Published: 1962

Proverbs – Richard Clifford | Published: 1999

Ecclesiastes – James L. Crenshaw | Published: 1987

Song of Songs – J. Cheryl Exum | Published: 2005

Isaiah 1-12 – Otto Kaiser | Published: 1983

Isaiah 13-39 – Otto Kaiser | Published: 1974

Isaiah 40-66 – Claus Westermann | Published: 1969

Isaiah – Brevard S. Childs | Published: 2000

Jeremiah – Leslie C. Allen | Published: 2008

Lamentations – Adele Berlin | Published: 2002

Ezekiel – Walther Eichrodt | Published: 2003

Daniel – Carol A. Newsom | Published: 2014

Hosea – James Mays | Published: 1969

Joel and Obadiah – John Barton | Published: 2001

Amos – Jorg Jeremias | Published: 1998

Jonah – James Limburg | Published: 1993

Micah – James L. Mays | Published: 2007

Micah – Daniel L. Smith-Christopher | Published: 2015

Nahum, Habakkuk, and Zephaniah – J. J.M. Roberts | Published: 1991

Haggai and Zechariah 1-8 – David L. Petersen | Published: 1984

Zechariah 9-14 and Malachi – David L. Petersen | Published: 1995

Exile and Restoration – Peter R. Ackroyd | Published: 1968

A History of Israelite Religion in the Old Testament Period, Volume I: From the Beginnings to the End of the Monarchy – Rainer Albertz | Published: 1994

A History of Israelite Religion in the Old Testament Period, Volume II: From the Exile to the Maccabees – Rainer Albertz | Published: 1994

Introduction to the Old Testament – J. Alberto Soggin | Published: 1989

Jewish Wisdom in the Hellenistic Age – John J. Collins | Published: 1997

Old Testament Theology, Volume I – Horst Dietrich Preuss | Published: 1995

Old Testament Theology, Volume II – Horst Dietrich Preuss | Published: 1996

Theology of the Old Testament, Volume One – Walther Eichrodt | Published: 1961

Theology of the Old Testament, Volume Two – Walther Eichrodt | Published: 1967

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