Free Romans Bible Commentaries (PDFs)

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Free Romans commentaries

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John Wesley

John Wesley (1703—1791) was an English evangelist and theologian, who ministered in Europe and America, and founder of Methodist denomination.

Theologically, Wesley was Arminian and argued against the doctrines of Calvinism, like predestination. Common themes found in Wesley’s sermons and writings include the free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ to all who believe, the witness of the Spirit, and sanctification. Many 21st-century Christians still read Wesley’s work.

Download: Romans – Wesley’s Notes on the Bible

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Matthew Henry

Matthew Henry (1662–714) was an English pastor and theologian. In his day, he was considered a non-conformist, which meant that he disagreed with some of the teachings and practices of the Roman Catholic church.

One of Henry’s lasting legacies is the bible commentary he wrote, which are known for their conservative theology and memorable explanations.

Henry’s commentary is one of the most widely-used bible study resources on the internet. To learn more about Matthew Henry and his commentaries, please see the Best Bible Commentaries’ article, Matthew Henry Commentaries: Why People Love Them.

Download: Romans – Matthew Henry (Concise)

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John Calvin

John Calvin (1509—1564) was a French pastor and theologian, founder of the Presbyterian denomination, and father theologically Reformed churches.

Calvin was one of the leaders of the Protestant Reformation and argued against certain Roman Catholic teachings in his sermon and writings. Besides his bible commentaries, Calvin’s theological perspective can be found in his classic work, The Institutes of the Christian Religion.

Download: Romans – John Calvin Commentary

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Jamieson, Fausset, Brown

This classic KJV-based commentary is named after the three men who wrote it. Though it’s mostly known today as the Jamieson-Faucet-Brown commentary, it’s original title is Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible.

Robert Jamieson (1802–1880) was a pastor in Scotland. Andrew Fausset (1821–1910) was a pastor in England. David Brown (1803–1897) was a Free Church pastor also in Scotland, and professor of theology at Free Church College of the University of Aberdeen.

Download: Romans – Jamieson Fausset Brown

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Martin Luther

Martin Luther (1483—1546) was a German theologian and monk. He was the leader of the Protestant Reformation. Luther believed that salvation is not earned by good works, but is free gift from God through faith in Jesus Christ.

Luther challenged the authority of the Roman Catholic pope by teaching that the Bible is the only source of divinely revealed knowledge.

Download: Preface to the Romans – Martin Luther

Alexander MacLaren

Alexander MacLaren (1826—1910) was an English, baptist pastor. He was known for his preaching and teaching, which captivated audiences.

McLaren was the president of The Baptist Union of Great Britain, which was an educational ministry established by General and Particular Baptists in 1891. McLaren received honorary degrees in divinity from Edinburgh and Glasgow Universities.

Download: Romans – Alexander MacLaren

A.T. Robertson

Archibald Thomas Robertson (1863—1934) was a Southern Baptist preacher and biblical scholar. He is known for work with New Testament Greek. Robertson’s books are widely-used today, especially Word Pictures in the New Testament and A Grammar of the Greek New Testament in Light of Historical Research.

Download: Romans – Word Pictures – AT Robertson

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