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Teach the Text LukeThe Luke volume in the Teach the Text commentary series was written by R.T. France.

“The Son of Man came to seek and save the lost”–so says Jesus of his mission in Luke 19:10. Luke’s Gospel is about this salvation Jesus came to bring. It is salvation story, filled with Jesus’s encounters with lost, often marginalized people and the change he brought to their lives.

And it is salvation history, as Luke carefully sets his narrative both in the historical context of its day and within the prophetic context of God’s larger salvation history.

In this commentary, noted scholar R. T. France provides valuable historical, theological, and practical insight for those who wish to faithfully teach and preach the powerful message found in Luke.

About the author: R. T. France (PhD, Tyndale Hall) was a New Testament scholar and served as a senior lecturer at London Bible College; principal of Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University; and honorary research fellow at Bangor University. He was the author or editor of many books, including the New Bible Commentary, the commentary on Matthew in the New International Commentary on the New Testament, and the commentary on Mark in the New International Greek New Testament Commentary.

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Teach the Text: Series Purpose

Teach the Text Commentaries are biblical studies resources that explain books of the bible to help pastors, Sunday school teachers, and small group leaders.

Authors in the Teach the Text series explain Scripture passage-by-passage, yet comment on words, phrases, and verses that are important to the overall meaning of the biblical text.

The publisher further notes, “By keeping the discussion of each carefully selected preaching unit to six pages of focused commentary, the volumes in this series allow pastors to quickly grasp the big idea and key themes of each passage of Scripture.”

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From the publisher: To craft informed sermons, pastors scour commentaries that often deal more with minutia than the main point. Or they turn to devotional commentaries, which may contain exegetical weaknesses.

The Teach the Text Commentary Series bridges this gap by utilizing the best of biblical scholarship and providing the information a pastor needs to communicate the text effectively.

By keeping the discussion of each carefully selected preaching unit to six pages of focused commentary, the volumes in this series allow pastors to quickly grasp the big idea and key themes of each passage of Scripture.

The text and its meaning are made clear, and sections dedicated to effectively teaching and illustrating the text help pastors prepare to preach.


“The late R. T. France was one of the great British evangelical scholars of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, a great commentator especially of the Gospels. His commentaries on Matthew (TNTC and NICNT) and Mark (NIGTC) are very good, so it is wonderful that even posthumously we have his Luke commentary.”

— Michael F. Bird, lecturer in theology, Ridley College; Euangelion

“France distills his learning in a highly readable, useful volume. France’s Luke . . . accomplishes exactly its aim: it instructs, informs, and encourages those who teach to do the same in their own contexts. In a century already filled with oversized and often impenetrable commentaries, this is a humble gift to the church’s teachers.”

— Scott Kohler, pastor, Gentle Shepherd Community Church; No Longer at Ease

“France, former principal of Wycliffe Hall, distinguished himself as an expert in the study of both Mark (NIGTC) and Matthew (NICNT). . . . His work on Luke, then, proves itself to be well-informed by a lifetime of study on the Synoptics. . . . France’s volume is exemplary.”

— Nijay K. Gupta, associate professor of New Testament, Portland Seminary; Crux Sola

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