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Reviews of the Two Horizons Bible Commentary Series

two horizons commentary seriesOn the Pastoral Epistles volume:

Stephen Fowl, chair of the department of theology, Loyola College: “Those of us who are long-standing admirers of Rob Wall’s work will recognize that the Pastoral Epistles, with all of their critical baggage, provide the perfect backdrop for his canonical approach to Scripture. Wall never shrinks back from crucial questions. Nevertheless, he carefully and confidently interprets the Pastorals as full members of the canon. His readings are theologically apt and lively, shaped and regulated by the church’s faith.”

Purpose of the Two Horizons Commentary Series

From the publisher: “Seeking to bridge the existing gap between biblical studies and systematic theology, this distinctive series offers section-by-section exegesis of the New Testament texts in close conversation with theological concerns. Written by respected scholars, the THNTC volumes aim to help pastors, teachers, and students engage in deliberately theological interpretation of Scripture.”

Interviews from the Two Horizons Series on Best Bible Commentaries

James McKeown on Genesis:

“I am sure that when the risen Christ taught from the Scriptures the things concerning Himself, he would have begun with Genesis.”

Heath Thomas on Habakkuk:

“One of the distinctive features of this commentary (and the only commentary that does this, so far as I am aware) is that it presents the story of the reception of Habakkuk in the commentary tradition in the Christian Church since the apostolic fathers. As such, the commentators in the Christian tradition appear in my exegetical analysis.”

Andy Johnson on 1 and 2 Thessalonians:

“…I address in some detail the way Dispensationalism originated, its interpretive assumptions, and the way those assumptions are displayed as Dispensationalist interpreters read the Thessalonian correspondence. I try to show that this particular “theological hermeneutic” is deficient…”

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Volumes in the Two Horizons Commentary Series

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two horizons bible commentaryGenesis – James McKeown

Joshua – J. Gordon McConville and Stephen N. Williams

Psalms – Geoffrey W. Grogan

Ecclesiastes – Peter Enns

Lamentations – Robin A. Parry

Philippians – Stephen E. Fowl

Colossians and Philemon – Marianne Meye Thompson

1 and 2 Timothy and Titus – Robert W. Wall

Stanley E. Porter, president, dean of theology, and professor of New Testament, McMaster Divinity College:

“I commend Rob Wall for offering us, and the wider church, his canonical readings of the Pastoral Epistles. Rob does not shy away from the many tough passages in these letters, always trying to present what he sees as the “plain sense” of the text in relation to other historical, ecclesial, and cultural understandings. The combination of commentary and reading by the ‘rule of faith’—supplemented by three interesting case studies—provides a thorough canonical understanding of these crucial letters from the standpoint of one who is immersed in what it means to understand the Bible as the church’s book.”

1 Peter – Joel B. Green

2 Peter and Jude – Ruth Anne Reese

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