Zondervan Bible Commentary – One-Volume Illustrated

Zondervan Bible CommentaryF.F. Bruce is the editor of the Zondervan Bible Commentary.

It is considered one of the best one-volume whole bible commentaries available today.

This commentary is the re-branded edition of the volume titled, the New International Bible Commentary.

The new iteration — the Zondervan Bible Commentary — incorporates full-color pictures, maps, and timelines to help the reader understand the text.

43 bible scholars contributed to this commentary.

Use the One-Volume Whole Bible Commentary Comparison Chart to compare the Zondervan Bible Commentary to over 40 other one and two volume bible commentaries.

Volume Details

Hardcover: 1,696 pages
Publisher: Zondervan Academic; Illustrated edition (2008)
ISBN-10: 031026264X
ISBN-13: 978-0310262640

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Commentary Overview

The Zondervan Bible Commentary takes its award-winning predecessor, the New International Bible Commentary, and weaves in rich, full-color images and other new features to make it the finest one-volume commentary of its kind.

Featuring the insights of forty-three world-class scholars, this convenient, information-packed volume unlocks the meaning and message of every book of the Bible to help you gain a deeper, life-changing understanding of the Scriptures.

Features include:

  • A wealth of full-color photographs, maps, charts, and timelines
  • Commentaries by foremost scholars help you grasp the meanings of Bible passages and the significance of key biblical words
  • Sidebars
    • “Going Deeper” with cultural, historical, and theological information
    • “Reflection” helping you apply the Scriptures to real life
    • “Shadows” spotlighting Old Testament foreshadowing of the New Testament
    • “Echoes”―similar to “Shadows,” revealing New Testament references to the Old Testament
    • “The Conversation” containing quotes on the text from historic figures such as Luther, Augustine, and Calvin
  • Uses Today’s New International Version (TNIV) for Bible text references―timeless truth in today’s language
  • Expanded bibliographies