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Catholic Bible commentaries are reference books about Scripture that explain the interpretations and perspectives of the Roman Catholic church.

While Catholic Bible scholars have generated millions of pages of biblical scholarship in the centuries since Christ, modern Bible commentary series synthesize historical interpretations, take into account recent biblical scholarship, and reflect the up-to-date teaching of the Catholic church.

Modern Catholic Bible commentaries come in various forms, such as one-volume commentaries, commentaries on individual books of the Old and New Testament belonging to different series, and Study Bibles.

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One-Volume Catholic Commentaries

One of the most popular formats for Bible commentaries is the one-volume whole Bible edition, which offers explanations of every book of the Bible. One-volume commentaries often approach Scripture passage-by-passage instead of verse-by-verse as single-book volumes do.

While not as in-depth as commentary volumes that focus on one particular book of the bible, one-volume whole bible commentaries offer an easy-to-use, affordable alternative. The one-volume format may be a perfect choice depending on the reader’s purpose. Here are three of the best:

using exact ISBN
The Eerdmans
on the Bible
eerdmans one volume commentaryemploys Catholic and Protestant writers Amazon
The New Collegeville Bible Commentary collegeville one volume commentarycross-references to catechisms Amazon
The New Jerome Biblical Commentary new jerome bible commentaryverse-by-verse, over 1,500 pagesAmazon

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Catholic Commentary Series

There are other options for those looking for more in-depth Bible commentaries. These volumes can often be purchased as a set, but they can also be bought individually, enabling readers to build up their library over time.

Commentaries on individual books of the Bible are often part of a series in which every volume looks the same, and the content serves the same purpose. In most commentary series, multiple authors are employed, though some authors may contribute multiple volumes in the set.

Four of the most well-reviewed commentary series are listed below:

using exact ISBN
sacra pagina commentary employs Catholic and
Protestant writers
New Collegevillecross-references to
Catholic Commentary
on Sacred Scripture
Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scriptureverse-by-verse,
over 1,500 pages
Ancient Christian
on Scripture
Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripturehand selected
passages from
early church fathers

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Sacra Pagina

The publisher notes that the Sacra Pagina series “presents fresh translations and modern expositions of all the books of the New Testament.

Written by an international team of Catholic biblical scholars, it is intended for biblical professionals, graduate students, theologians, clergy, and religious educators.

The volumes present basic introductory information and close exposition, with each author adopting a specific methodology while focusing on the issues raised by the New Testament compositions themselves. [1]

New Collegeville

The publisher notes that the New Collegeville Bible Commentary series “brings expert insight into the Old and New Testament to Bible study participants, teachers, students, preachers, and all readers of the Bible. Filled with fresh scholarship, the series provides vital background that helps bring the text alive.

The complete Old and New Testament set includes the complete text of each Old and New Testament book, with the commentary on the same or facing page. Review aids and discussion topics make the series eminently practical and useful for individual or group Bible study.” [2]

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The Catholic Commentary On Sacred Scripture

The publisher notes that this series “combines outstanding biblical scholarship with lively faith to help Catholics interpret Scripture and apply it to Christian life today. In seventeen volumes, the series aims to provide readable, informative commentary on each book of the New Testament.

The CCSS responds to the desire of Catholics to study the Bible in depth and in a way that integrates Scripture with Catholic doctrine, worship, and daily life. Because of this, it is an invaluable resource for pastoral ministers.” [3]

Other Catholic Bible Study Resources

Study Bibles include the entire text of Scripture with explanatory notes usually found at the bottom of the page. Some Study Bibles include articles on theology, history, literature, archaeology, and other topics to help the reader understand the Bible better. Here are five well-reviewed Study Bibles:

The Catholic
Study Bible
catholic study biblecontains study notes,
essays, and sidebars;
based on the NABRE
Catholic Bible,
Personal Size
Catholic study biblea Reading Guide, introductions,
introductory essays,
questions for discussion
Ignatius Catholic
Study Bible
Ignatius study bibleonly Catholic Study Bible
based on the RSV
The Catholic
Journaling Bible
Catholic Journaling Biblefor Catholic women,
journaling bible includes
NAB translation
The Catholic
Youth Bible
Catholic Youth Bibledesigned for drawing,
coloring, highlighting
and journaling

The Classic Study Bible

The publisher notes that the Catholic Study Bible is a “landmark resource, the first fully based on the authoritative NABRE translation, contains the trustworthy study notes, expanded essays, and informational sidebars which have guided and informed students and general readers for 25 years.

In this new edition, which comes in a protective slipcase, one-third of the Reading Guide materials are new, and all of the other Guides have been reviewed and revised by their original authors.” [4]

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Ignatius Study Bible

The publisher notes that this is “the only Catholic Study Bible based on the Revised Standard Version 2nd Catholic Edition, the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible New Testament brings together all of the books of the New Testament and the penetrating study tools developed by renowned Bible teachers Dr. Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch.

This volume presents the written Word of God in a highly readable, accurate translation, excellent for personal and group study. Extensive study notes, topical essays and word studies provide fresh and faithful insights informed by time-tested, authentically Catholic interpretations from the Fathers of the Church and other scholars.” [5]

The Catholic Youth Bible

The publisher notes that this Study Bible is “designed for young people to enter in, be nourished…and be transformed. We spent over 2 years working with young people to design the best youth Bible ever.

With a new vibrant full-color design, ample room for reflection, and special Scripture Highlights to color throughout, this newly re-imagined Catholic Youth Bible® will engage the youth of today like never before.” [6]

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