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The Lectio Continua Expository Commentary on the New Testament series is expositional reference collection that explains books of the bible from a Reformed Christian perspective.

Because it’s expositional in nature, Lectio Continua commentaries are especially helpful to preachers, yet they can also be used as devotional resources for lay people who desire to enrich their routine reading of Scripture.

Not only to LC volumes discuss the meaning of the biblical text, but authors are mindful of theological implications and making practical applications for Christian living.

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Lectio Continua Commentary Series (LCEC): Purpose

Lectio Continua commentary series

From the publisher:

“The greatest need of the church today is the recovery of sound biblical preaching that faithfully explains and applies the text, courageously confronts sin, and boldly trumpets forth sovereign majesty, law, and the promises of God.

It is for this reason that the Lectio Continua Expository Commentary on the New Testament is being written. It is authored by an array of seasoned pastor-scholars from various Reformed denominations on both sides of the Atlantic.

The Lectio Continua series Testament is not meant to be an academic or highly technical series. Rather, the aim is to provide lectio continua sermons which clearly and faithfully communicate the context, meaning, gravity and application of God’s inerrant Word. Each volume of expositions aspires to be redemptive-historical, covenantal, Reformed and confessional, trinitarian, person-and-work-of-Christ-centered, and teeming with practical application. Therefore, the series will be a profound blessing to every Christian believer who longs to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (II Peter 3:18).”

Interviews from the Lectio Continua series on Best Bible Commentaries

J.V. Fesko on Romans: (click to see full Q & A)

Preview: “Any time I pick up one of Paul’s letters he constantly reminds me about the wedding of theology and piety. The distinction between the gospel indicatives (who we are in Christ), which stand out prominently in Romans 1-11 have an unbreakable link with the gospel imperatives (how we are to live) in Romans 12-16. The gospel of Christ leads Christians to live holy and consecrated lives. I pray that in my own life, my own study of Romans has fueled my zeal and devotion to Christ so that I revel in the indicatives and live out the imperatives with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength.”

David McWilliams on Hebrews (click to see full Q & A)

Preview: “Steeping in Hebrews’ high Christology and meditating on the infinitely valuable blood of Christ deepens my worship and also leads me to appreciate the intercession of Christ in all its multifaceted and powerful blessing – this penetrates my soul. I sincerely hope that readers will be led to worship as they contemplate this theme.”

Kim Riddlebarger on 1 Corinthians (click to see full Q & A)

Preview: “Paul’s discussion of the resurrection in chapter 15 is one of the most fascinating discussions in the whole of the New Testament. N. T. Wright’s discussion of this chapter in his volume, “The Resurrection of the Son of God” was very stimulating and helpful.”

Volumes in the Lectio Continua Series

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Romans – J. V. Fesko

“This clear and accessible commentary helps to take away the intimidation factor in seeking to faithfully understand and teach the book of Romans. As a capable guide through this important book, Dr. Fesko looks back to bring in needed Old Testament context for Paul’s argument while also looking forward to bring out the eschatological nature of Paul’s hope.” ~ Nancy Guthrie, Bible teacher and author

First Corinthians – Kim Riddlebarger and Jon D. Payne

“Having shared and sat under the ministry of Kim Riddlebarger for many years, I am delighted to see the fruit of his faithful labors reach a wider audience. Combining attention to exegetical detail with decades of pastoral experience, this commentary will reward generously with its unique insights into this wonderful epistle.” ~ Michael S. Horton

Galatians – J.V. Fesko and Jon D. Payne

“The book of Galatians is a crystal vial containing the sweet medicine of salvation in Christ alone. Fesko opens the vial and pours out the healing doctrines of justification by faith alone and sanctification by grace alone. His simple, expository style will connect with ordinary people. Yet he helps us to do biblical theology, uncovering the Old Testament roots of the gospel. He guides us in systematic theology, distilling clear doctrinal statements from the Scriptures with the insights of great theologians of the past. And his commentary is practical, leading the reader in this present evil age to live by faith in the Son of God, who loved us and gave Himself up for us. Read Galatians and read this book—and then walk by faith in Christ alone.” ~ Dr. Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Ephesians – Ian Hamilton and Joel R. Beeke; Jon D. Payne

“The greatest need of the church today is the recovery of sound biblical preaching. We need preaching that faithfully explains and applies the text, courageously confronts sin, and boldly trumpets forth the sovereign majesty, law, and gospel promises of God. It is for this reason that we are pleased to publish the Revelation volume of The Lectio Continua Expository Commentary on the New Testament,a new series of expository commentaries authored by an array of seasoned pastor-scholars from various Reformed denominations on both sides of the Atlantic.” – Jon D. Payne and Joel R. Beeke, from the Series Introduction

Hebrews – David B. McWilliams and Jon D. Payne

“David McWilliams exposition of the book of Hebrews admirably fulfills the aims of the Lectio Continua Expository Commentary series. Combining exegetical rigor with pastoral sensitivity, McWilliams opens up the riches of the book of Hebrews as a sermon-epistle that emphasizes the superiority of Christ, the Mediator of the new covenant, and warns its recipients of the real danger of falling away through unbelief and neglect. Though the book of Hebrews is densely argued, and therefore presents daunting challenges to its readers, McWilliams manages to open up its treasures in a clear and compelling manner. Pastors and church members alike will greatly benefit from his exposition, which is saturated with homiletical and pastoral insights.” ~ Cornelis P. Venema, Mid-America Reformed Seminary, Dyer, IN

Revelation – Joel R. Beeke and Jon D Payne

“Dr. Beeke’s work on Revelation is a fine example of the kind of expository preaching that God has frequently chosen to bless to the salvation of sinners, the edification of saints, the strengthening of the church, and the demolition of satanic strongholds. My hope and prayer is that this sermonic commentary on Revelation will encourage preachers to also take the plunge and preach many more sermons from this much-neglected but much-needed book.” ~ David P. Murray, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

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